Wellness Centre

An involvement for all the senses

The Wellness Centre at the Ellex Hotel is a place capable of engaging all five senses, of surprising and pampering the individual in the total abandonment of their physicality and in the rediscovery of their being.

Let yourself be lulled by the purifying, regenerating water while being massaged by the warm water jets of the whirlpool. Be stimulated by the Kneipp path with a pleasant foot massage tickled by white river pebbles. Continuing with the Finnish sauna (80º-100º), the beneficial effects of temperature make the heat a relaxing tool for the body and mind, while the temperature of the Turkish bath (38º) gives beneficial effects to the respiratory tract to combat stress and tension.

Let yourself be enveloped by the 'Water Paradise', with splashes of summer water, cold mist and tropical drizzle combined with aromatic essence colour therapy.

Meet the ice fountain, where flake ice invigorates the body and awakens the mind. Let yourself fall into the hay chair in a puff of light, warm steam that creates vasodilation in the body to allow you to absorb all the natural principles released by the fermenting herbs and flowers.

Surrender yourself completely to the pleasurable pleasure of a massage and treat yourself to deep relaxation of body and mind. Finally, indulge in extreme relaxation on the large loungers while sipping herbal tea or indulging in the emotions of the five senses.

Access permitted to persons over the age of 14.
Admission by reservation from 3pm to 8pm at the price of 15 euros per person per day including towel and terrycloth bathrobe.


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