A good day is seen in the morning...

A good day is seen in the morning….. and we think breakfast should be an unforgettable experience.
In line with our philosophy, we have chosen to offer a vegetarian breakfast on our buffet, removing cold cuts (served on request), to build a food system centred on respect for animals, the environment and people.
Breakfast is varied and plentiful with our beverage machine that grinds coffee beans and makes a delicious cappuccino with fresh milk, and for tea lovers, an assortment of organic teas and herbal teas.
There are varieties of fresh and aged local cheeses, white yoghurt to enjoy with a fruit salad with berries, various types of muesli and cereal flakes from chocolate, hazelnut and sultana, sugar-free corn flakes, rice and wheat flakes with red berries and organic whole grain oat flakes with various nutrient-rich sunflower, flax, sesame and pumpkin seeds.
Our cakes and biscuits are homemade with stone-ground flours that maintain the beneficial properties of wholemeal, spelt, Senatore Cappelli, rye, rice and maize flour.
There is no shortage of dried fruit, with apricots, figs, dates, plums and dried yellow and red apples from the Cofruits cooperative in Valle d’Aosta.
The blueberry, berry, strawberry and apricot jams and the chestnut and wildflower honey are selected from an artisanal Valdostan production, and a tasty apple juice from the Cofruits cooperative in Valle d’Aosta.
We opted for organic eggs (to be cooked in the kettle), because the hens are not treated with hormones and antibiotics and are free to roam free-range.
Variety of rye and wholemeal breads and small seeded rolls, durum wheat bread and loose organic wholemeal rusks.
Butter croissants, with jam and chocolate, fresh fruit and fruit salad with seasonal fruit.
All this for a unique emotion……….
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